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History of advertising Bronze plate for printing an advertisement for the Liu family needle shop at JinanSong dynasty China. Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages and wall posters.

Advertising agencies

To go forth and tell stories that compel people to take action. Through powerful creative thinking, strategic planning and a fire for digital, this is a good day to be a brand. Advertising agencies When it comes to creative, we own this space.

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Segway is a brand well known for many years for its groundbreaking and innovative products. Blue C was selected to revive the brand by promoting a new product line and was a vital partner in the strategic planning for the launch of this new brand within the Ninebot Segway family.

Launched at CES, the new Ninebot Segway product line was met with great success and received international attention and press. Kawasaki Blue C works with Kawasaki on marketing efforts to help revitalize its lineup of motorcycle and watercraft offerings through in-store marketing and dealership activations.

Working across the entire lineup, from Ninjas and motocross bikes to quads and Mules, Blue C has developed many tactics and advertising campaigns to help gain awareness of and drive traffic to the Kawasaki dealership network. Our expertise in high-octane creative has led to a long and rewarding relationship.

Audiofly Founded in Perth, Australia, Audiofly is a brand that designs and builds headphones for those who seek premier quality for a wide variety of listening needs.

Blue C was selected to help brand and execute the launch of Audiofly in the American market. Through a comprehensive advertising campaign, Blue C helped strategically market the premier audio brand through a number of initiatives including event activation and celebrity endorsement from world-renowned DJ Tiesto, resulting in tremendous press and exposure at the CES tradeshow.

With the overwhelming popularity of its delicious smoothies and all-natural raw juices, Juice It Up! For over eight years, Blue C has helped develop and launch many exciting new products for its brand. Toyota Toyota is a brand that exemplifies energy and excitement. For over 14 years, Blue C has helped Toyota maintain this lively and edgy brand persona, while also achieving key business objectives.

We have helped to develop and launch several new vehicle accessory programs, facilitate race programs and design impactful branding and collateral for Toyota properties such as Scion and specific models such as the FJ Cruiser.

There is never a dull moment working on a Toyota project and this epic ride continues to this day.

Your access to this site has been limited Through our use of psychology, sociology, biology, as well as economic and environmental factors, we work with you to truly understand your customers; who they are, and what motivates them. By understanding your customers, we help you to create a strong brand and marketing platform that enables you to communicate with your customers on an emotional and personal level.

Honda As one of the most innovative OEM brands in the world, Honda enjoys a reputation built on advancement and originality, something that is a dream to work with as a creative agency. From motorcycles to hybrids, Honda has helped revolutionize motorsports for decades.

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Blue C has a standing relationship with Honda that goes back over 15 years, helping launch new products, services and technologies to both consumers directly as well as within their dealer networks. Azunia Tequila strives to bring the quality aspects of good tequila back to a liquor category that has been watered down with cheap products.

Advertising agencies

Blue C was selected to develop exciting branding and story-telling advertising messages in an effort to build awareness and help gain traction for key on-premise bar and restaurant locations. Maxxis Tires From the rigors of road racing to the ease and comfort of road travel, Maxxis is a premier manufacturer of tires for a variety of applications.

Blue C has partnered with Maxxis to provide branding, advertising, video and collateral development for over 10 years. As an agency, our experience in many facets of the automotive space has allowed us to assist Maxxis in numerous efforts to achieve growth in a competitive marketplace.

Monster Energy The action sports world is one fueled by constant evolution and progression. Monster Energy pushes athletes to reach their potential within this thrilling lifestyle.

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Monster is the ultimate energy drink company focused on creating hard-driving awareness, and Blue C has been fortunate enough to help create many lasting activation efforts.

Irvine Company With a portfolio that includes luxury apartment living communities, exceptional high-rise office properties and upscale shopping experiences, no other company has shaped the landscape of Orange County like Irvine Company.

Our work with this real estate company includes a wide variety of creative and marketing needs. This includes the branding of entire workspace and apartment communities as well as many individual launches of business buildings and multiuse campuses.

Blue C has also been trusted with helping to shape internal departments within the Irvine Company corporate structure. Red Kap Construction Workwear When constructing high-rise buildings, you need workwear that can take the rigorous punishment of such demanding work.

Blue C was selected to bring awareness to the Red Kap brand and create a voice to its Construction Division. To do this, we developed a new brand story, developed creative architecture and built a media plan aimed to create promotion for this important segment.

Blue C also produced a nationwide tour that visited job sites to showcase the products and provide a well-deserved lunch to the workers. This was a great way to introduce the products to the real-life users and consumers who can appreciate the top-quality garments.88 Brand Partners is a strategic creative agency that builds and extends brands to create more meaningful relationships between organizations and audiences.

Advertising Agency Advantages. Advertising agencies have an extensive bank of skills, resources and experience gained from dealing with a large variety of clients.

An advertising and branding agency. The Fantastical specializes in digital, social, and traditional branding. Past work includes MyPanera, Society Of Grownups, Panera, Olympus, TripAdvisor, PIER 4, Row, Fallon Health, and Got Soccer.

Welcome to the Motor City. As one of the top advertising markets in the world, we have a lot of talent here in Metro Detroit.

Advertising agencies

So if you are looking for a Michigan agency to partner with, you’ve come to the right place. Apppl Combine, 19+ yr exp transnational Mkt & Ad Agency offering Brand Management & * services in a standalone or an integrated Print, TV, Radio & Online mediums. Established in , the American Advertising Federation (AAF) is the only organization that includes members across all disciplines and career levels in advertising.

Whether you're new to the fast-paced world of advertising or a seasoned professiona.

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