Constitution of mauritius

Three to four weeks. Name Restrictions Any name that is identical or similar to an existing company or any name that suggests the patronage of the President or the Government of Mauritius. Language of Name English or French. Names Requiring Consent or a Licence The following names or their derivatives:

Constitution of mauritius

Relief and drainage The island of Mauritius is volcanic in origin and is almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs.

Constitution of mauritius

The northern part is a plain that rises to a central plateau, varying in elevation from about to 2, feet to metres above sea level. Lake Vacoas, one of the main reservoirs, is the chief source of water. Vegetables and tea for local consumption are also grown.

General Information

The climate is maritime subtropical, with fairly uniform temperature throughout the year. Mean temperatures vary from the mids F low to mids C at sea level to the upper 60s F upper 10s C on the high plateau.

Two seasons are recognized: Annual rainfall varies from around 35 inches mm on the west coast to 60 inches 1, mm on the southeast coast and about inches 5, mm on the central plateau. Plant and animal life The vegetation includes some indigenous species, even though little original forest is left.

The fauna includes the samber a long-tailed, dark brown deertenrec a spiny insectivoreand mongooseas well as a variety of birds and insects. The island was once home to the dodoa flightless bird that was extinct by Efforts began in the late 20th century to save several other species of endemic birds that were close to extinction.

Mauritius hempMauritius hemp Furcraea gigantea. Geological Survey Dodo Raphus cucullatus. People Ethnic groups, languages, and religion Approximately two-thirds of the population is of Indo-Pakistani origin, most of whom are descendants of indentured labourers brought to work in the sugar industry during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Relief and drainage

About one-fourth of the population is Creole of mixed French and African descentand there are small numbers of people of Chinese and Franco-Mauritian descent.

Although English is the official language, it is spoken by a very small percentage of the population. Creolea French-based patois, is spoken by about four-fifths of the population and is the lingua franca of the country.

Bhojpuri, an Indo-Aryan language, is spoken by one-tenth of the population, and French is spoken by a small percentage. Mauritians commonly speak two, three, or even more languages, and the educational system supports a wide range of language instruction.

Settlement patterns The population density in Mauritius is the highest of African countries and is among the highest in the world. Overpopulation became a serious problem after the eradication of falciparum malaria by the early s led to a sharp increase in population. Driven by government policy, supported by all the Mauritian religious communitiesand assisted by the rapid pace of economic growththe rate of natural increase dropped rapidly in the last decades of the 20th century, and it is now below the world average.

Emigration, primarily to Britain and Francealso helped slow the annual growth rate. Thierry The birth rate remains well below the world average, while the death rate is similar to the world average.The U.S.

Constitution may be one of the most important documents in history, but it wasn't a sure thing.

Constitution of mauritius

A lot of debate took place. There were. History and Ethnic Relations Arab and Swahili sailors knew of Mauritius before the s. Portuguese explorers visited in the early sixteenth century.


We are embarking on a fundraising campaign to transform one of the gems of our community – Constitution Park. Located next to the Village Hall and a neighbor to the Library, several houses of worship, FASNY, and our Boston Post Road commercial area this park has the potential to become a central respite accessible to everyone.

CONSTITUTION OF MAURITIUS Chapter I – THE STATE AND THE CONSTITUTION State Mauritius shall be a sovereign democratic State, which shall be known as the Republic of. The Republic of Mauritius, an island country in the Indian Ocean, lies east of Madagascar and the south-east African coast.

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Its nearest neighbour is the French island of Réunion. The U.S. Constitution may be one of the most important documents in history, but it wasn't a sure thing. A lot of debate took place. There were many people passionate about ratification, and many.

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