How to write authorization letter to get documents authenticated

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How to write authorization letter to get documents authenticated

A blog on work, life and everything in between Thursday, February 12, How to Get a CAV Without Leaving Your City If you live in the province, you probably know that there are certain things you can't access merely because they are only available in the capital.

Stuff like bargain basement deals in Raon, the yearly Nazareno parade, Luneta, seeing Willy Revillame live in the studio and If you live far from the capital, having your docs authenticated can involve some considerable expense.

If you're a resident of Davao, for example, you'll have to spend for plane fare and accommodation just to have your docs threaded with the DFA red ribbon in Manila.

If this is the situation that's stopping you, let me share my experience. I live in the province and recently, I had my sister's docs authenticated.

My sis is out of the country and she had left her documents behind since they were not required by her employer. That meant only one thing: I really thought it was going to be tough.

The only problem was that I could not travel to Manila for the job and I was unwilling as well. My sis said she'd foot the bill for the travel expenses and whatnot but I wasn't too ecstatic about spending several weeks there just to wait out her papers, not to mention stand in long queues at CHED and the DFA.

She has friends in Manila but they had to work.


Asking them to go through the process of authentication as a favor seemed too much, at least in my opinion. Besides, having a non-relative as a representative makes the process more complicated. So with the kind of information I gathered online, of course — thanks by the way to all of you who posted in those forums I scoured for tipsI decided to do the right thing — ASK.

The first thing I did was call up the registrar's office at my sis' school. I explained my predicament and the guy on the other end of the line listened patiently.

He then suggested the steps I should take. If you have the same problem I had, you might learn something from this. He said that I should: Have the documents photocopied the docs in question were the transcript and diploma 2.

Attach a letter of request from my sis indicating her intentions and authorizing me as her representative 3. Send the documents to the school registrar for CAV through a courier 4. Deposit the payment for the school's authentication fees and fax the deposit slip the payment included the standard fees plus the cost of postal mail 5.

Wait for the document to be processed by the school and have them certified, authenticated and verified by CHED.

Letter of Assurance

Use an authorized courier in this case, DHL to claim the docs with the red ribbon from the DFA The letter of request came in lieu of the standard CAV request form that the school required. The form could be downloaded from the school's website. If your school requires you to submit one, they probably have it online.

how to write authorization letter to get documents authenticated

If not, ask if you could write a letter instead. So anyways, I did as the guy suggested. I had a set of my sis' docs photocopied and then asked her to send a signed letter of request which also authorized me to request the authentication on her behalf.

Once the documents were completed, I went to a DHL office, filled out the customer form and paid for the fees. Then I waited… and waited… and waited. Finally, the docs came through the mail sent by the registrar's office. I then visited the same DHL office again, bringing the claim stub with me.

I filled out a form, surrendered the stub and the DHL guy did the rest.


The process is supposed to take two weeks — three weeks at most. I'm still waiting for the DFA authenticated docs this time with a red ribbon tied around them but I can be content in knowing that it's in good hands.

I am not, by the way, writing this to endorse DHL, although if you are in the same ship as I was, you will probably work with them, too. They're the only courier authorized to process the authentication of documents on an individual's behalf, so there.Posts about vfs tasheel written by slaveofarraheem.

how to write authorization letter to get documents authenticated

Stranger on the Move Menu. Get the department of foreign affairs & trade to issue a letter permitting you to study.

Step 5: Get your documents notarised by Notary Public (NP) Step 6: Get your documents authenticated by DFAT.


Step 3: Get your HSC and transcript stamped by the Saudi Cultural. Learn How to write Effective Authorization Letter along with Tips and Free Sample. Lawyers and their clients for collecting legal documents also use an Authorization Letter.

It is a very important document as it gives the power that is exerted at the giver’s discretion. Travel Authorization Letter ; Authorization for Medical Treatment ;. However, notarized copies of documents are still required if the document: necessary for action abroad, approved or issued by foreign authorities, is subject to apostille or legalization and in other cases expressly provided for by law.

Jan 13,  · hey, thanks a lot for this info. i have the same problem since i’m going to malaysia for work next month but my passport’s due next year and the agency required me to have a passport at least with 2 years validity. this would really help me since a lot of people are telling me that it would take ‘forever’ for a passport to be renewed.

now i have another option thanks to you.=).

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Authorization letter issued by the Cultural Bureau (if applicable) if the KSA sponsor is under the Ministry of Education (MOE)such as a government university or MOE ‘s entity: The letter has to mention the visa number, the profession applied for and if a family is coming along too.

The passport will only be released to an immediate family member with proper authorization letter and valid ID, plus the applicant’s old passport and official receipt of payment.

The passport of the minor applicant shall be released only to parents or adult siblings or to an authorized representative with Special Power of Attorney or.

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