Jose rizal was jack the ripper

A century and a half since Rizal was born, with so much material, both old and new, we can compose many more Rizal A to Zs like the one that follows: His influenced was transmitted to Rizal from his brother Paciano.

Jose rizal was jack the ripper

It was posted on June 21, Jose Rizal was Shot to Death on December 30, at 7: Before going there, I have already prepared my shooting script based on what I remember of the place. I had to throw away what I have done because what I remembered to be there do not exist anymore. They either actually only existed in my mind, or I have not really been to Luneta for many years.

In fact, I felt like a tourist. Yesterday morning, I felt like being pulled from my bed to go to Luneta to check ahead of my planned sked the place.

I was expecting to do shot adjustments… and being there, and seeing the impossibility of what my head earlier dictated and envisioned, well, I really have to do the changes. I also checked, word for word, and corrected the mistakes on the poems in Spanish and English versions that I downloaded from the internet based on what are written on the front stonewall at the entrance of the execution area.

Twenty-two in all [including those who auditioned last March 26] were viewed by Jose rizal was jack the ripper panel members inluding me to be able to choose the performers. I was asked what do I want from the performers—if they have to look like Rizal, dark, fair, etc.

For me, what I really count on is how well do they communicate to the Deaf not only in signing but in their expressions—facial and body— the poems that they are to interpret. Will their interpretations have impact on them? Only the Deaf can tell that.

The FSL version is largely and mainly for the Deaf, and so, for me, the looks come second in importance. Anyway those who joined the second audition were: I scheduled the shooting after the Holy Week between April I tried to read its introduction, and lo!

I thought of the Spanish version that I would need for my project on Rizal, and then, suddenly!!! The thought of studying the Spanish language at Instituto de Cervantes in Manila. An urge within to check on the net what they are offering led me to search on the available courses and schedules… I was astonished to read that the regular course will start next week with the last day of enrollment sked in March Though there is a Spanish version in my project, studying Spanish was out of my mind—well, until today.

So, between today and March 22, I will have to decide — To enroll, or not to enroll… should I enroll in a course in Spanish? OR, should I enroll in a cooking course instead? I actually thought that it had to take a century before anyone could touch on the subject, and that was me!!! I do not claim it to be original though, in the sense that I got the idea when I helped the group led by Raphy Domingo when they worked on their project for Rizal Course.

I actually proposed that the idea is so good, we must do it seriously but he said that the [Deaf] market is small.

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My mind never stopped though that the idea is novel and that it should be pursued. That if God wills it, He will find the way. And God probably led me to think more on how to realize it.

To make the audience scope larger, I thought of having them translated too, or read in Spanish so that it will cater not only to Deaf but also to the Blind, students of Rizal Course, Spanish subject, and to everybody interested in Rizal—Persons with Disabilites PWDs or not.

This is first and foremost, meant for the Deaf community, the same sector my docu SO served. I have 10 months to work on this — timed to finish in Novemberincidentally the month Deaf Awareness Week is being celebrated in the Philippines.

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I liked his version because it is analytical and truly an interesting read. He was as heroic as Pepe, it appeared, and quite convincingly.

Jose rizal was jack the ripper

Continous reading on Rizal really helps in making him as real as any person who lives with us today. In fact, because of immersing myself through readings on his life, he inevitably follows me now, in my dreams— unfortunately only as an observer.

I had no speaking lines with him in the dream.Yeah, we don't buy it either. So how about the theory that Jose Rizal, Filipino national hero, was The Ripper, and he actually fathered Hitler whilst on a jaunt around Germany?

Jack The Ripper. Oct 19,  · There is another legend that tells of Dr. Jose Rizal being the infamous Jack the Ripper since, as the story goes, he was staying at the area of the crime scene during those times that Jack the Ripper took on his victims and by the time he left the area the killings stopped and Jack the Ripper .

Die Liste von Slasher-Filmen zählt chronologisch Filme auf, die dem Slasher-Genre zugeordnet werden. I find this quite amusing: That Rizal was the father of Adolf Hitler, that Rizal was gay, that he was really Jack the Ripper and that Rizal is God.

Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes white pages listings, public records and social network information into simple profiles to . Jose Rizal is indeed the Versatile Hero and Talented with numerous languages and many things.

But He also came into controversy that really comes to doubt his name of honor. First Rizal was associated with the Jack the Ripper which is the killer that killed many and others that are not documented.

Casebook: Jack the Ripper - Jack the Ripper: A Suspect Guide - John Pizer