Manual i9400 ninetology

According to the table above, obviously its RM thanks to my bro. The additional rebate is actually the manufacturer's rebate. The smartphone comes together with a 3 pin USB mains adapter, an approximately 9 inches long micro-USB cable and a handsfree.

Manual i9400 ninetology

I followed most of it in version 2 and jump to version 10 to save time. When you receive a SMS, it will appear in the lockscreen but the name is always wrong - it showed the name of another person in my phonebook. Not too significant but can be confusing at times. A new and kinda odd one is in the power settings of the phone.

Refer to picture below Trying to change it only shows two options, High performance' and 'Balance' as shown below. I'm Manual i9400 ninetology sure whether the 'Battery saving' mode is still taking affect since I'm been using 'my mode' as my default.

Anyhow, I'll just continue using as it is and see where it goes. To be specific, the handsfree is from my previous phone, the Ninetology BlackPearl 2. I managed to get the volume to audible levels once I pressed the hands free button BUT it only works when I'm constantly holding down said button.

Furthermore, just about every time I plug in the handsfree, it activates Google Now as if I had pressed something the handsfree buttons I guess and it forcing me to Google Now even after pressing the 'back' button. Gave up on that so I used it with my bluetooth headset which worked before and did again.

I noticed the Xiaomi MI 3 stops charging when I put my computer to sleep. After a short experiment, if the phone is 'ejected'either by putting the computer to sleep or ejecting it manually, the phone will stop charging as well - neat!

I tried the same thing with my tablet - Samsung Galaxy Note If you still want to charge the phone while your computer is a sleep, replugging in the cable will do the trick.

I've also noticed an important change this time for other ROM versions. Don't know whether they're really the same or otherwise cause I won't bother doing unnecessary testing for this kind of ROMs.

Good thing I didn't bother changing to Malaysia one although I'm living there. I've read of various bugs appearing with the newest update. You can check at Lowyat Malaysia forum around this section of the forum, look around.

A major bug which users mentioned is constant dropped calls on, for some reason, Maxis network only so far. I'm on Umobile but I kinda worries as well.

Although it will definitely NOT 'brick' my phone but it'll be a pain in the ass to restore it. In addition, a few users have mentioned GPS not working as well. Again since I've not yet updated due to alleged bugs, I can't confirm that. I'll see whether to update or not this blog as well by tomorrow.

I won't update to that one just yet at least for a few days. The voice volume has increased significantly too to the point that I can feel the vibration of the speaker in my hand.

Look forward to another round of battery endurance. Updated to the latest one. Works fine so far. GPS works too, even indoors.

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Now the phone will have constant connection with my computer. Previously, once I put my computer to sleep, the phone will disconnect as well, stopping charging in the process.Apr 15,  · Our company supply and selling brand new and used mobile are are selling BlackBerry,Apple Iphone,Sony Xperia,Nokia,HTC,Lenovo used mobile .

Jan 02,  · Ninetology i Black Pearl II and the Wiko CINK SLIM and the same phone (at least according to specs and user input at the forums - heck even the phone design itself is exactly the same). That's why there shouldn't be a problem. 1. 1.

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Welcome to mobile kingdom: PKB-New-Ninetology Pearl Mini-ORI-Full Set

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Manual i9400 ninetology

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Manual i9400 ninetology

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Feb 09,  · when to lowyat SC this evening.. they said must wait after CNY then can upgrade the firmware to v and only work on weekdays.. just informing for those who plan to go there tomorrow.

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