Netflix competing via technology

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Netflix competing via technology

In addition, you can access HBO Now through any of the following set-top boxes: Best of all, you can watch across an unlimited number of supported devices. If the major reason why you signed up for cable was to get access to HBO, you now have a way to get your HBO content without paying for all the extras.

If you enjoy HBO, this is a must-have service. Showtime Review Showtime is another streaming service from a premium channel, Showtime. The channel has hosted popular shows like Homeland, Dexter, and Masters of Sex, among others.

There are a lot of movies and sports programming on offer as well. Showtime is one of the popular channels on cable and its programming is not easily available with other streaming services.

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The shows that air on the channels are updated on the app pretty quickly. So, if you are a fan of the Showtime programming, then this is a great way to access it. The Good Showtime offers some really good television entertainment and you will be able to access it all with this app.

The Bad Like any other standalone streaming service of a channel, Netflix competing via technology offers limited programming.

Verdict You can subscribe to Showtime as a supplement to your primary streaming service, but it is definitely not a replacement for cable TV. Starz Review Starz is another premium cable network that followed in the footsteps of HBO and Showtime by offering a standalone streaming service. Just like them, Starz too provides users complete access to all of Starz content.

The content on these services could be accessed only by those users who had subscribed to Starz and Encore on their cable or satellite television. Later, Starz decided to also target the growing population of cord-cutters by offering standalone streaming service.

Now, Starz has consolidated all the content that was previously available with its three streaming services into one power-packed service. Cable subscribers do not have to get a separate subscription for Starz streaming service.

However, some of the older versions of these devices may not be compatible or support the app. Further, smartphones and tablets running on Android are compatible with the app.

The Good Starz is a highly reputed premium network, and is known for high quality television shows, and latest blockbuster movies.


By subscribing to the service, users can enjoy up to 2, new titles every month. This includes the latest episodes of top shows on Starz, including the original shows like Outlander, Power, and even the upcoming American Gods.

However, the best part about the service is its collection of movie titles.

The movie library of Starz is one of the biggest among all streaming services. Moreover, it keeps adding the latest blockbuster movies. If that is not enough, Starz allows its users to download its content for later viewing, which is not something that most other streaming services offer.

Also, a single streaming subscription to Starz grants up to four users to stream its content simultaneously on their own devices. Verdict Starz does bring its own high quality television programming to the table.

Not to mention its original shows.

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With more than 2, new titles being added every month, it sure is a lot of content. However, if you love shows from other networks, then Showtime cannot be the only streaming service you subscribe to. But, at the price that it charges, you can get a lot more in terms of TV shows from the likes of Hulu Plus or Netflix.

However, if you are a serious movie buff, then Showtime should be among your top preference list. Whether it is music, TV shows, or movies, Apple offers everything for its users through iTunes. Each video has to be purchased individually. However, in case of TV shows, users can rent or buy entire seasons of TV shows at a discount.

The Good iTunes offers much of its content in full HD p resolution.

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Only some of its content is available either in p or in only SD. One of the perks of iTunes is its on-the-go capability. You can rent or purchase the content on iTunes, and the content will be available on your iTunes account, which you can enjoy on a host of your gadgets, wherever you go.

Rented content is usually available for up to 30 days for the users to enjoy, and once they start watching it, the content is available to them for finishing within only 48 hours. On the other hand, purchased content will be permanently available in the account of the subscribers.Planet Earth II is a British nature documentary series produced by the BBC as a sequel to Planet Earth, which was broadcast in The series is presented and narrated by Sir David Attenborough with the main theme music composed by Hans Zimmer..

The first trailer was released on 9 October , and the series premiered on 6 November in the United Kingdom on BBC One and BBC One HD. Two years ago, when I first wrote about TV and how it had resisted disruption, I called Netflix “just another network”. Netflix famously pivoted from DVDs-by-mail to streaming, but that was only pivot number one.

Pivot number two was their transformation from a . Actress Gillian Jacobs spoke with us about what drew her to Life of the Party, the vibe that Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone create on set, how she ended up kidnapping Ben’s puppets, the. The essential tech news of the moment.

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Netflix competing via technology

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