Paper boutonniere

Many of these have free templates to download and most are surprisingly easy to make!

Paper boutonniere

DIY projects and nifty, thrifty makeovers You are here: His name is Gerry and he is our first and so far only male contributor in this series. I love how they make flower replicas and how they photograph it and their keen eye for details, you need a second look to identify its actually paper.

How I got started with making Paper boutonniere After our meeting with the florist, she told me that she would not carry a heavy bridal bouquet, no matter how beautiful or pricey. Eventually, I Googled for wedding flower ideas and found paper bouquet as an alternative.

I showed her what I found and she gave in to that idea.

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I never thought that it would lead me to make paper flowers commercially. At the onset, I used parchments and specialty papers. I practiced the craft using downloadable templates from elinee. I was able to make flowers for the whole entourage and reception centerpieces as well.

From there, I learned to create new forms until I finally develop my own workflow in flower making.

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Roughly a year after, I began using crepe paper and it was a whole lot different experience. I could not help myself but explore and create more. About ThePaperblooms ThePaperblooms was born in Februarywhen I made a Valentine paper flower catalog which I posted on my personal facebook account.

Just a few days after posting, I started receiving orders and inquiries.

Paper boutonniere

Custom orders from friends also came in after the love month orders. I needed to cultivate the craft more!

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In we joined wedding expo to gain more exposure in the wedding industry as a flower supplier. Later, I started posting on Instagram. I loved reading about how he got started. And because he is such a talented paper flower maker, I had to ask him for a tutorial.

Luckily he had time and made an incredible boutonniere tutorial for us. ThePaperblooms was born in Februarywhen I made a Valentine paper flower catalog which I posted on my personal facebook account.Fun To Make A Beautiful Pineapple Paper Flower Wall Decoration.

Sometimes a makers just got to make! That’s what I felt about this paper flower wall decoration once the idea popped into my head. Craft your own floral décor pieces with this paper flower kit.

This kit includes everything you need to create five small paper flowers that are perfect for decorating. Use these colorful flowers to customize party décor, special events, nurseries and more. Fabric flowers make a pretty, wilt-proof way for guests to find their seats -- and then live a double-life as a corsage or boutonniere.

Simply use floral tape to attach a brooch pin to the stem of. The Series Paper Flowers & How to make Boutonnieres. About Gerry from ThePaperblooms I am a flower smith based in the Philippines.


Ever since I wanted to open a flower shop but I never thought that it would be made of papers! Create an accessory that doubles as a keepsake by crafting a DIY boutonniere out of your favorite song, reading, or even love letter.

Here’s a lovely assortment of paper flowers to make, I’ve organized them in a few sections for easier browsing: Bouquets & Centerpieces, Tissue Paper, Crepe, Origami and the rest under general tutorials.

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