Pursuing the same goal through different parenting styles

I mean really, is there any hope for our future or are kids today just a lost cause? Do you think your definition might just be a misty water memory of days gone by?

Pursuing the same goal through different parenting styles

Contact Us Working with Different Parenting Styles One of the greatest challenges to a marriage is co-parenting, especially when the parenting styles of each of the parents are quite different, or worse yet, in direct opposition to each other. In my work with couples, this issue comes up more than any other single issue that couples bring in to marriage counseling.

I have also noticed that the article on "parenting styles" is one of the most read articles on our website. So what makes this issue such a hot topic among couples? Parenting differences are not a problem that can be put away on the back burner. Children require parenting strategies on a daily basis which brings all of the issues to the forefront much of the time.

What is the Prevalence of Different Parenting Styles? I do not know of any actual research on this specific subject. There is quite a bit of research on the effects of different or maladaptive parenting styles as they relate to different aspects of development, particularly on the incidence of adolescent drug use and social functioning.

You can take a look at Google and look for "academic studies" if you have a particular interest in these subjects. Back to our question about the prevalence of different parenting styles — I think the better question is "Are there stereotypical differences between mothers and fathers that arise across the board?

I do see a lot of cases where fathers are more concerned about discipline and maintaining authority, while mothers are more focused on emotional issues of self esteem.

That being said, this is a typical stereotype and many parents fall outside of this pattern. Sometimes, it is reversed altogether so that the mother is stricter and the father more lenient.

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The real problem lies in the underlying values and premises about the way children should be handled, and then how these actually play out in parenting strategies.

For example, an underlying value might be something along the lines of "Children should be seen and not heard.

Pursuing the same goal through different parenting styles

An opposing value in this case might be "Children should be allowed to voice their feelings about what is expected of them. Most of us come with a parenting style, even though we may not be aware of it.

Pursuing the same goal through different parenting styles

As we grow up, we have first-hand experience of the parenting styles of both of our parents or one parent if raised by a single parent only. Because our experience begins early in childhood when we are in a more malleable phase of development, the styles have a great impact on us and are internalized on a subconscious level.

Our experiences with being nurtured, soothed, cared for, taught, and disciplined are not something we learn about from outside ourselves, but are directly embedded into our psyche through our experience with parents.

When we become parents ourselves, the blueprint from our own families of origin are already set in, and this blueprint is the background of the parenting style we develop as we begin parenthood. I see parents falling into one of three categories as they work with their blueprint as follows: Unconscious Approach to Parenting For some parents, the old blueprint is simply played out again without much thought as to whether it is an effective style.

The underlying values are well internalized and accepted almost as if by rote.

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These parents really have no conflict internally about how kids should be raised. The approach is black and white and defined. When I was working in child abuse services, I once had a conversation with a colleague on the subject of corporal punishment.

He said "My father beat me many times, but I turned out fine. It was the way it was and the way it should be and there was no need to question it.

He had just internalized it and saw no problem with continuing to use this style with his own kids. Semi-Conscious Approach to Parenting Other parents have a more conscious approach to their parenting style which means they begin with the blueprint they are given, but may along the way question some of its practices.

They are not comfortable going too far from the tree, but they are willing to examine specific practices if they are experiencing a good deal of discomfort with a strategy.Hi Darlene, loved your latest book.

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