Reflection paper to the movie happy

You will be given a piece to read or view, or you will be involved in some type of field experience, and then you be asked to reflect on it in an essay or paper. That reflection is your personal reaction to your experience.

Reflection paper to the movie happy

Chris Gardner is an on and off homeless.

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At first, he lives with his family and sells portable bone-density scanners to doctors. However, this condition is no longer happy.

His financial condition drives him to get a new job. Selling portable-bone density scanner has been very difficult and expensive because of new invention and more valuable than portable bone-density scanner.

Because of his financial condition, Linda his girlfriend leaves him and moves to New York. Knowing this fact, Chris Gardner is very sad, but he has no choice because of his condition is also very dolorous. He Reflection paper to the movie happy Linda not to bring Christopher their son.

He will live with his son. When he sells the scanner, he meets manager Dean Witter. Because he has no money, and Dean Witter has been left, he tried to escape and run to the subway.

He did it, but he loses his scanner. Chris Gardner is in jail because of parking tickets. When he out of jail, he goes Dean Witter company and he is offered the internship.

His financial condition is back down when his bank account cut his income for taxes, he and his son become homeless. They try to find homeless shelter and have to in line. Because of the room is limit, Chris Gardner makes his work time become efficient. During his work time, he takes his son into a daycare.

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When his work is over, he takes his son to go to a homeless shelter. These condition always the same in a few days.

Reflection paper to the movie happy

In turning point, they stay in the bathroom at subway station. After this condition, he maximizes his time.

Competing with other competitor to get the internship stockbroker, he makes his time more and more efficient. He works more than the other competitors, jump over the line. As a result, after six months in the training, his managers call him and offered the position. At the end, Chris become rich and has his own brokerage firm.

The Most Powerful Scene All of the scenes are told about struggling. How we have to achieve our dream through many processes and we cannot cut it easily. We cannot beef and must to rush. When his girlfriend leaves him, he can take the risk.

Considering he has no job at that time and selling portable bone-density scanner is very difficult, he lives with his son. As a result, he stays on the bathroom at the subway station. That is like turning point, when he has to find a homeless shelter and maximize his work time to get in line for a limited room.

As a father, he is very a good father, responsible, and certifiable. Work under pressure, because of maximizing and to make his work time efficient, he still vacate his time for playing with his son.

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Knowing that might be his son is bored and there is no one except him that can make him happy. They play basket while selling the scanner in the downtown. In the homeless shelter, he is still taking care of his son; taking him bath, and warm him with blanket.

This is the most powerful scene based on my opinion, as a father. The Affecting Scene People might be think that it is impossible to make their dream comes true. It is because they have not great effort in reach their dream. They have not push their willingness yet to make it materialized.

Chris Gardner, play role as a father and the dreamer, work like hard-fought. He goes to work, no food and no drink, only make a phone call to his client.

After work he has to take his son in a daycare and then go to homeless shelter in line.The Happy Prince represents a statue that was covered by gold and Jewels, stood in the middle of the city.

One night, flying a little swallow over the city saw the statue, so it decided to put up there and landed down between the feet of the Happy Prince. While it was . How to Write a Good Reflective Essay. If, for example, you are going to write a reflective essay on a movie, it would be a good thing to view that movie twice – once for a general reaction and then once while you take your notes.

The same goes for a book. Writing a good reflection paper takes some careful thought, some honest “soul. A reflection paper is an essay of your thoughts about something that could be a movie, book, incident, etc.

To put it simply, it is a paper on what you think about something. To put it simply, it is a paper on what you think about something. The reflection paper. Print Reference this.

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Disclaimer: No one takes the time to do things that they enjoy or do things that make them happy. Life is short and may end up someday. We have to realize that we have to fulfill our life with happiness and joy. The two movies that we watched in class, “Tuesdays with Morrie” and “The Bucket.

Reflection Paper on Wit Launa Theodore A universal constant about being a patient is vulnerability and loss of control. In the movie Wit, starring Emma Thompson, you get to see all these and more.

You get to see another side of the medical profession that shows blatant disregard for medical humanities, the similarities between intellects and. Reflection Paper to the movie Happy Katherine Diamandis HPR 62 Wellness, Lifestyle, Health, and Happiness Happiness comes from within.

Many people could be living in the same environment and facing the same challenges but some seem to be happier than others.

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