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The Plan, as it is commonly known, argues that we need to connect efforts to build our organisation with struggles for quality jobs in order to strengthen the power of the working class. This Ninth National Congress is critical for the future of COSATU because it serves as a key platform to assess our work based on the programme we adopted three years ago.

Team development and maintenance pape

These come in addition to several previously announced initiatives on the part of other Tier 1 and 2 NSPs. Until recently, operators and their customers typically viewed problems with Wi-Fi coverage in the home as a consumer issue best addressed through retail purchases of linear extenders.

These are actually access points APs in their own right, serving to regenerate signals passing to and from the modem gateway rather than as signal boosters intelligently integrated with the gateway.

This laissez faire approach has not worked out for NSPs owing in part to the fact that consumers would rather complain to service reps than go out and buy extenders, which are costly and present challenges to tech-averse users. Moreover, because they operate independently, such extenders have to rely on smartphone apps to set up the connections, preventing a seamless flow of data as people move about the home.

Some are monthly fee-based. Others set one-time charges for the hardware or incorporate enhanced service as a free benefit with subscription to the highest broadband tiers.

And some offer enhanced Wi-Fi free as a differentiating benefit that raises the market appeal of the basic connectivity service. AirTies sees action along these lines extending beyond the lineup of recently announced NSPs and longer-standing customers like Sky, Midco, Vodafone, Swisscom, Syntel and others.

But these hub-and-spoke approaches rely on gateway-based intelligence to direct how each extender interacts with devices in its proximity.


The very lightweight software is embedded in chipsets of APs produced by AirTies and can be downloaded onto CPU of any modem gateways or set-top boxes STBs that operators have assigned to be part of the whole-home network, he says.

The AirTies system intelligence also works with wired connectivity in the home to enable use of those resources for backhaul support.

As previously reportedSky Q, the multiscreen service offered by Sky in the U. Hybrid Mesh also works with Ethernet and MoCa networks. Comcast last year introduced the cloud-based xFi self-management app, which enables users to monitor network activity, troubleshoot connection issues and create individual profiles tied to personal devices.

For Comcast and AirTies, minimizing costs to operators and consumers has been a priority in a market where off-the-shelf mesh Wi-Fi systems can run into the hundreds of dollars.

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By loading intelligence into existing modem gateways or Wi-Fi enabled STBs, operators make it possible for consumers to avoid the costs of acquiring a whole-home mesh system.

They merely have to buy one or more relatively low-cost extenders to experience the full benefits of mesh technology. DIY installation is another important cost saver for operators. Users are able to set up and configure the APs by clicking on prompts in the AirTies smartphone app, he notes.

When a households needs to add a new AirTies AP to the network, the user simply clicks on an app prompt to trigger configuration and uses the graphic readout to position the device in an optimal location.In late October DSV exhibited at the Alpaca Fiesta which is celebrated in the city of Arequipa, Peru every 4 years.

It is the most important event in the Alpaca industry as it gathers everyone from the entire value chain from breeding to fashion in one place.

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Now consider what you need to do to move towards the performing stage. Figure 1, below, will help you understand your role, and think about how you can move the team forward.

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Team development and maintenance pape

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