The amazing mississippi river

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The amazing mississippi river

The Mississippi River lies entirely within the United States. The Mississippi River lies in the following 10 US states: The length of the Mississippi River is approximately 3, kilometers 2, milesslightly shorter than the Missouri River. It is also the fourth longest in the world. At its widest point, the Mississippi River stretches out over 11 kilometers 7 miles in width.

The amazing mississippi river

The river is approximately 61 meters feet deep there. The Mississippi River discharges at an annual average rate of between 7,—20, cubic meters per secondandcubic feet per second.

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It takes 90 days for one single drop of water to travel the entire length of the Mississippi River. The elevation of the Mississippi at Lake Itasca is meters 1, feet above sea level. It drops to 0 meters above sea level at the Gulf of Mexico. More than half of that drop in elevation occurs within the state of Minnesota.

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The Mississippi River can be divided into three sections: The basin covers more than 3, square kilometers 1, square milesincluding all or parts of 31 U.

It is estimated that 18 million people or more than 50 cities rely on the Mississippi for their daily water supply. The Great River Road, which runs alongside the river, was created in It is a collection of state and local roads which follow the course of the Mississippi River through ten states of the United States.

More than bridges automobile, foot and railroad span the Mississippi River. The first bridge built across the Mississippi River was in with the first railroad bridge finished a year later in Major cities that the Mississippi Rover passes through include Minneapolis, St.

Evidence of early cultivation of sunflower, a goosefoot, a marsh elder and an indigenous squash dates to the 4th millennium BCE. The sport of water skiing was invented in on the rive in a wide region between Minnesota and Wisconsin known as Lake Pepin. Martin Strel, a Slovenian swimmer who is famous for swimming the length of entire rivers conquered the Mississippi over 68 days in Mississippi facts & information -Interesting OMG Mississippi fun facts for kids - random trivia and amazing cool Mississippi state facts - MS Mississippi facts The state of Mississippi was named named for the Mississippi River whose name comes from the Ojibwa (Chippewa) Indian word misi-ziibi meaning “great river or gathering of waters”.

Mississippi River Facts & Links RIVER FACTS AND FIGURES To get to Mississippi River Trivia, click here! The Mississippi River flows over 2, miles, from Lake Itasca, Minnesota, to the Gulf of Mexico.; 40% of North America's ducks, geese, swan and wading bird species rely on the Mississippi River as a migration corridor.

With a length of 6, km, the Mississippi River is the second- longest river in the United States (Mississippi River, ). Its source is Lake Itasca in Itasca State Park in northern Minnesota and it empties into the Gulf of Mexico about km downstream from New Orleans .

Tundra Swans on the Mississippi River We took a drive down the river to Brownsville, Minnesota to see the Tundras Swans in late November.

We were not sure, if we'd see them. Along the shore nearer to home, the water was frozen. Check out those pictures on Amazing Beauty on the Backwaters of the Mississippi. On May 8, , south of present-day Memphis, Tennessee, Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto reaches the Mississippi River, one of the first European explorers to ever do so.

The Mississippi River is one of the world’s great rivers and one of the most complex ecosystems on the planet. It is also a defining feature of the North American continent and is home to a diverse collection of wildlife and plant life.

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