The meth epidemic essay

Arriving in his small office in Lisbon, the year-old tosses his jacket aside, leaving his shirt collar crooked. He adds his latest piece of mail to the mountain of papers on his desk. One gram of heroin, two grams of cocaine, 25 grams of marijuana leaves or five grams of hashish: These are the drug quantities one can legally purchase and possess in Portugal, carrying them through the streets of Lisbon in a pants pocket, say, without fear of repercussion.

The meth epidemic essay

The meth epidemic documentary touches on two of the most important solutions to the meth problem or crisis and explains why neither has fully worked nor being tried. What is one meth related issue that you learnt from watching from watching the film?

By watching the film one learns that investigations and statistics have come to a conclusion that meth has led to quite a huge number of foster children, a rise in crime especially property crimes which has led o a lot of mayhem.

Both The government and the drug companies have in a way aggravated the current meth situation since with the drug companies opposing, the government was unable to set new controls to regulate the retail sale of cold medicine and key meth's ingredients.

One is surprised by the destructive impact meth has on the user's brain.

The meth epidemic essay

Meth destroyss the very part of the brain that generates dopamine which is the brain's pleasure chemical, once taken it produces a high level of euphoria that users describe as something they have never experienced before. Do you think we can effectively fight the meth epidemic in the US?

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Before he got involved in the global war on drugs, João Goulão was a family physician with his own practice in Faro, on Portugal's Algarve coast. Arriving in his small office in Lisbon, the Free drug addiction papers, essays, and research papers.

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The meth epidemic essay

The Meth Epidemic Methamphetamine is the most addictive drug used today. It appeals to people of all ages, and is not a respecter of person. It is creating a society with no future.

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