The rattrap

Fiction Toy bio Rattrap was a highly respected, top-notch soldier who was used mostly for reconnaissance, continually prowling the city streets for any Predacon activities. In order to keep up his strength, he was always eating "grunge and grime and any wretched refuse he may encounter along the way. Dark Voyage That's what friends are for! After following the Predacons through a transwarp portal and appearing above a mysterious planet, both ships were damaged in the ensuing space battle, and before both ships crashed into the planet's surface below, the stasis pods carrying the rest of "Rattrap's" crew were ejected into orbit.

The rattrap

By Selma Lagerlof Theme The story is about an old disheartened peddler who is taken in and shown generosity by a young woman. Her generosity and kindness change his bitter attitude towards life.

The peddler is a man who has fallen upon misfortune and The rattrap resorts to selling rattraps, begging, and thievery. He believes that society tempts us with riches and fine things, and when we accept, we are caught in the trap and are left with nothing. The story conveys a universal message that the essential goodness in a human being can be awakened through love, respect, kindness and understanding.

It highlights the human predicament.

The rattrap

Material benefits are the traps that most human beings are prone to fall into. Human beings do have a tendency to redeem themselves from dishonest ways as does the peddler at the end of the story. Setting This story is set amidst the mines of Sweden, rich in iron ore which figure large in the history of that country.

The story is told somewhat in the manner of a fairy tale. Helpers in the Mill: Iron mill owner 6. Edla Willmansson — daughter of the Iron Mill owner.

Summary in detail A rattrap peddler went around selling small rattraps. His clothes were in rags. His cheeks were hollow.

He had the look of a starved man. He made wire traps. He begged the material from stores and big farms. Sometimes he resorted to begging and a little stealing to survive. The world had never been kind to him.

He had no home, no shelter. The peddler led a lonely life.

The rattrap

One day while he was thinking about his rattraps, an idea struck him. He thought that the world itself was a rattrap. As soon as anybody touched it, the trap closed on them. He was amused to think of some people who were already trapped, and some others who were trying to reach the bait in the trap.

It was a cold evening in December. He reached a cottage on the roadside. The owner of the cottage was a lonely old crofter. He wanted someone to talk to. He welcomed the peddler. He gave the peddler hot porridge to eat, and tobacco to smoke.

Then they played cards. The crofter was generous as well as trustful. He told the peddler that he had a cow and sold her milk to a creamery.

He also told him that he received thirty kronors as payment the previous month. Then he took down a pouch and showed him the money.

Then he put the money back i n the pouch and hung it on a nail in the window frame.

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The trapline Find injustice, experience it first-hand--not second or third-hand--rather than fall into the rattrap of remunerated society-friendly, MFA filler-type writing created by dull sword without edge.

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