Trainspotting novel essay

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Trainspotting novel essay

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Renton states that unlike people who 'choose life' traditional families, materialistic possessions and financial stabilityhe decided live life as a heroin addict.

The rest of Renton's close circle of football enthusiast friends are introduced: Sick Boy, Spud and Renton are all heroin addicts who spend their days shooting up in their drug dealer, Swanney's Peter Mullan flat.

Swanney is often referred to as "The Mother Superior" by the guys. One day, Renton decides to give up heroin.

Trainspotting novel essay

Realizing he needs one last high to get him through the night, he buys opium rectal suppositories from dealer, Mikey Forrester Irvine Welsh.

After this final hit and a nasty spell of diarrheaRenton locks him into a cheap hotel room to endure the withdrawal.

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He later goes to a nightclub with the gang, noticing that his sex drive has returned with a vengeance. He eventually leaves with a young woman named Diane Kelly Macdonald.

After having sex together, Diane refuses to sleep in the same room as Renton and forces him to sleep in the hallway on a sofa. In the morning, Renton realizes that Diane is in fact a 15 year old schoolgirl and the flatmates sitting around the breakfast table are in fact, her parents.

Horrified, Renton tries to shake off the incident but remains friends with Diane, who threatens to tell the police that Renton had sex with her despite being underage. Tommy is dumped by his girlfriend Lizzy Pauline Lynch after a string of events unintentionally initially started by Renton.

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Lizzy angrily believes that Tommy had returned the tape to the video store. Sick Boy, Spud and Renton decide to use heroin again and a broken-hearted Tommy asks to try it to see why they like it so much, despite Renton's reluctance.

Trainspotting novel essay

One day during a heroin-induced stupor, the gang are violently interrupted by Allison a fellow heroin addict who has discovered that her infant child, Dawn has died from neglect.

All are shell-shocked, especially Sick Boy who is implied to be the baby's father. Renton and Spud are later caught stealing from a book shop and are pursued by security guards, as seen in the beginning of the film. Due to prior convictions, Spud is sent to prison whereas Renton is put on a Drug Intervention Programme and given methadone.

Despite support from friends and family, Renton becomes increasingly bored and depressed and escapes to Swanney's flat where he takes a particularly strong hit and nearly dies. Renton's parents lock him in his room so he can beat his addiction cold turkey.

As Renton lies in bed going through severe withdrawal symptoms, he hallucinates that Diane is singing to him, friends are giving him advice and Allison's dead baby is crawling on the ceiling.

Renton is finally awoken from his nightmares and is told by his parents that he needs to get tested. Despite years of sharing syringes with other drug addicts, Renton's test comes back negative.

Clean of heroin, Renton decides to visit Tommy who, by now, is lost in his heroin addiction and has contracted HIV. He's living in a filthy flat. On Diane's advice, Renton moves to London and gets a job as a property letting agent.Trainspotting.

How the main character Mark Renton portrayed in the novel Trainspotting through his ambition to kick the habit? Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh is a novel based on the lives of s Edinburgh’s ‘low life’ junkies, written in an urban Scottish dialect.

Trainspotting is a British black comedy, that is directed by Danny Boyle and starring Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller, Kevin McKidd, Robert Carlyle, and Kelly Macdonald. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Irvine Welsh, the film was released in the United Kingdom on 23 February Scene Analysis: The opening speech of the film Trainspotting is accompanied by a speedy soundtrack visual style.

It opens with a scene of the film’s main character, Mark Renton, jumping over a car and running down the street from the store he just robbed, the sense of urgency throughout the film is established immediately. Trainspotting is a poignant story told with a certain rawness and harsh resignation that exposes the reality of the ruthless world in which the characters of the novel are born into.

Nov 10,  · For the purpose of this essay, focus will be directed at Welsh’s novel, whilst also using Danny Boyle’s film adaptation. The ultimate critique offered by ‘Trainspotting’, is that of western ideology.

"Trainspotting is the novel that launched the sensational career of Irvine Welsh - an authentic, unrelenting, and strangely exhilarating group portrait of blasted lives in Edinburgh that has the linguistic energy of A Clockwork Orange and the literary impact of Last Exit to Brooklyn.

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