Who should decide what we censor

Mike Lenhart Censor Art? Art has been around for a long time. Censorship has been around possibly just as long.

Who should decide what we censor

Censorship in the United States http: Because there are children, there has to be censorship of TV, movies, etc.


During certain hours of the day. The FCC, however, does have enforcement responsibilities in certain limited instances. For example, the Courts have said that indecent material is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution and cannot be banned entirely.

It may be restricted, however, in order to avoid its broadcast when there is a reasonable risk that children may be in the audience. Broadcasters are required to schedule their programming accordingly or face enforcement action. Similarly, the Commission has stated that profane material is prohibited between 6 A.

Finally, the courts have ruled that obscene material is not protected by the First Amendment and cannot be broadcast at any time. America is a very advance and we have had censorship for the purpose of protecting minors for over a century.

I am not sure how you force discretion on anyone. There are many laws in society that limit your choices, e. You have discretion in whether you want to break those laws. There are laws against disturbing the peace, and treason. And, freedom of speech does not apply at your work place i.

Who should decide what we censor

Org, which can have terms of agreements that limit how you say whatever you say or in retail department stores. The retail store can have you thrown out of the store for opening your mouth too loudly about anything they want if you are creating a disturbance.We need to protect the people by not allowing them to read dangerous ideas.

If we do in fact allow people to read anything serious, there could be dangerous consequences. Also, because I hang out with adults and teenagers on a daily basis, I know that the people-group I hear talk about horror movies most passionately and regularly is high school freshmen.

Facebook Allows Governments to Decide What to Censor It should also be kept in mind that the Deputy Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salam are now hand picking what we can and cannot see on . If the government steps in to censor the internet, we get issues. You know, little things like "I, John Q.

Example, run an ambiguously anti-government site that covers such topics as corruption and other issues that politicians would not want coming to light. Bill Thompson thinks that we should censor the Internet. As a journalist and writer he finds it difficult to argue for censorship because he is in favour of free speech.

In the case of the Internet, though, calling for it to be free of control would be against his own beliefs. I think that we should all have a chance to watch/see or hear what we want to hear.

Our parents should decide what we do not the government. If we want to see a film which is out of our age group then thats not the governments choice its ours.

We recently became aware of a malicious rumor spreading around the web regarding censorship at Fullcom. Fullcom does not censor its content creators in any way.

Fullcom does not remove videos or add videos for its content creators, only the content creators can add or remove their videos.

The Great Debate: Should we censor the Internet?