Writing a budget line

How to Write a Budget Narrative for a Grant by Annie Sisk - Updated October 25, When you apply for a grant, you will usually be required to submit a proposed budget along with the rest of your proposal. In almost all cases, that budget needs to be accompanied by a budget narrative. This section of your grant proposal package helps explain and, more importantly, justify the numbers in your proposed budget. A strong, supported and well-written budget narrative helps convince the people in charge of awarding the grant that your organization and project are the winning bet among a diverse pool of candidates.

Writing a budget line

International economics[ edit ] Point X is unobtainable given the current "budget" constraints on production. A production-possibility frontier is a constraint in some ways analogous to a budget constraint, showing limitations on a country's production of multiple goods based on the limitation of available factors of production.

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Under autarky this is also the limitation of consumption by individuals in the country. However, the benefits of international trade are generally demonstrated through allowance of a shift in the consumption-possibility frontiers of each trade partner which allows access to a more appealing indifference curve.

In the "toolbox" Hecksher-Ohlin and Krugman models of international trade, the budget constraint of the economy its CPF is determined by the terms-of-trade TOT as a downward-sloped line with slope equal to those TOTs of the economy.

Many goods[ edit ] While low-level demonstrations of budget constraints are often limited to less than two good situations which provide easy graphical representation, it is possible to demonstrate the relationship between multiple goods through a budget constraint.

In such a case, assuming there are n.Before you write your budget line, answer, in writing, each of these questions. Attach your budget lines to the bottom of this worksheet: WHY is this story worth writing? Line-Item Budget: Generally, a budget agreed upon with a funder that specifies how much of the funder's money will be spent on each line-item.

It could also refer to any budget that is broken out by line-item. A budget request is a business letter seeking funds for expenses and operating overhead for a project or department within an organization.

writing a budget line

Less formal than a traditional business proposal, this request still must adhere to strict business writing decorum and provide . SAMPLE BUDGET: Line Item Examples NOTE: This is only a sample. Not all budgets will contain all the examples listed below.

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Please only use items that pertain to your proposed project. National Endowment for Democracy Sample Budget (Jul) Example D. A line connecting all points of tangency between the indifference curve and the budget constraint is called the expansion path.

[3] All two dimensional budget constraints are generalized into the equation. Since the equation for the budget constraint defines a straight line, the budget constraint can be drawn by just connecting the dots that were plotted in the previous step.

Since the slope of a line is given by the change in y divided by change in x, the slope of this line is -9/6, or -3/2.

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