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If you would care to download the six pages that comprise this sample study, they are available as PDF documents here. One of the appeals of an author study is that it can be tailored to meet students' needs and become as extensive as the teacher chooses.

Writing author study

Meet the man behind The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other beloved children's books. Grades PreK—K, 1—2 In this author study, you'll find biographical information about Eric Carle; an annotated list of his most popular books; stand-alone activities that highlight the beauty of Carle's works; as well as activities that can be integrated into your other teaching themes.

Out of all the questions kids ask Eric Carle, "Where do ideas come from? Although Eric thinks it would take hours to fully respond, he offers this answer: Some people like to say they get ideas when they're in the shower.

That's always a very entertaining answer, but I think it's much deeper than that. It goes back to your upbringing, your education, and so forth.

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They come from all the experiences in his life, all the thoughts in his mind, and all the feelings in his heart. When Eric was six, he and his parents moved back writing author study Germany. Eric hated the strict discipline of his new German school. Sad and confused, Eric longed to return to America.

I would build a bridge from Germany to America and take my beloved German grandmother by the hand across the wide ocean. In a sense, this difficult period was a great source of inspiration for Eric's later books.

writing author study

As an artist, Eric strives to help children enjoy school more than he did. He says, "I am fascinated by the period in a child's life when he or she, for the first time, leaves home to go to school. I should like my books to bridge that great divide.

He fondly recalls, "He'd turn over a rock and show me the little creatures that scurried and slithered about. Giving us another clue to where he finds his ideas, Eric says, "I try to recall that feeling when I write my books.

At least that's how he describes the inception of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I thought, a bookworm at work! Not enough for a book, but, nevertheless, a beginning. His editor liked the idea — almost. She asked, "How about a caterpillar? A Famous "Mistake" By the way, Eric already knows that a caterpillar emerges from a chrysalis, not a cocoon!

So don't bother writing to tell him. Eric explains how the famous "mistake" crept into the book: It simply would not have worked to say, 'Come out of your chrysalis! He says, "You have doubts. You discuss it with your editors. Finally, at one point you just know it's right.

After that it goes very quickly. The art for The Tiny Seed took only two weeks! Eric likes the answer that his Uncle August used to give.

After a little while, all along he had made whirring noises, he shouted, 'Halt! I have a story for you! They come from your thinking machine. All you have to do is wind it up. Animals, Animals Scholastic, Eric Carle has beautifully illustrated a variety of poems about both real and make-believe animals.

This is a delightful repetitive story that focuses on what the animals see. A classic beginning-to-read selection. This is a practically wordless book that teachers can use for children who are at the pre-reading stage.Author's Study Activities. Pins This post includes ten of her best books and how one teacher uses them as mentor texts for reading and writing.

This Cynthia Rylant Author Study includes book units for *10* of her books. There are pages (PDF and Digital) of materials for the books listed. Introducing Author Studies: There are many ways you can develop a class or student author study.

First, you need to decide your timeline and the complexity of the projects you would like the students to . This Ezra Jack Keats author study is full of hands-on activities and a FREE 30+ page FREE printable for K Welcome back for another fun author study!

Last month, I shared an author study all about Doreen Cronin and her books. Be sure to check it out and grab the free printable if you missed it.

Writing and ordering the days of the week. Author Study Motivates Kids to Learn and Grow as Readers Introduction Tools for Teaching Writing Writing Prompts: Over for Practice Essays, Journal Entries, and More Persuasive and expository essay writing prompts, reader response questions and statements.

An author becomes a "writing mentor" for readers as they read and study his/her work and respond to it through a variety of writing. This "mentoring" and students' writing responses can help kids build confidence in their writing and can even inspire them to become authors themselves.

©Maggie's Earth Adventures, LLC § Students are invited to change endings and innovate on the text. § Students are invited to write in the selected genre through a.

writing author study
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